Discussing Cannabis Industry Application Timeline with Chicago Tribune

Posted by Good Tree Capital on 9/3/19 8:14 PM


IL cannabis application deadlines are quickly approachingIllinois was the first state to legalize the sale and use of recreational marijuana through legislation. We have praised the bill and consider it to be the "gold standard" for its progressive social equity components, such as reduced application fees and the grants and loans for those affected by the war on drugs. But there is much to do in order for qualified applicants in Illinois to start benefitting from these programs. With application deadlines quickly approaching, those people who want to start a business in the Illinois cannabis industry need to start working towards that goal now. Time is of the essence, as illustrated in the visual below. 

CEO Seke Ballard  shares his thoughts on the current situation in Illinois with CHICAGO Tribune reporter Ally Marotti stating, “If we don’t get the execution phase of the bill right ... it undermines the whole possibility that we have equality and access.”

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